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The First Swingers club in Canada, L'Orage Club and its staff have been, for 20 years now, welcoming couples and single women on Saturdays and single men as well on other nights in a warm and sensual atmosphere.

Montreal's L'Orage Club is without a doubt unique in Canada. Its bar-lounge with liquor license, its open space playground and second-floor intimate lounge playground make L'Orage Club a unique place for eroticism, sensuality, voyeurism and exhibitionist lovers.

Its European concept has allowed L'Orage Club to be, since 1996, the place to go to meet the True Libertines in Montreal.

To ensure you have the best swingers night ever in Montreal, we invite you to discover the sweet universe of l'Orage Club through our website, including the FAQ page where you will find answers to all your questions.

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Cercle Réciproque
7387 St-Hubert 514.439.1669
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